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At Barrett’s On The Pike, we believe in two fundamental approaches – high quality, fresh ingredients prepared expertly and customer service that positively stands out from the competition. We feel that many folks over-complicate the restaurant business. Our passion is for absolutely great food prepared and delivered expertly.  If you have not visited hosted an event at Barrett’s On The Pike yet, you have missed Bel Air’s premier dining experience.


From the Cobalt Room to our Wine Room, Barrett’s On The Pike offers many solutions for hosting your next event.  Whether it is a business event or a personal occasion, our expert level of care will be present from the initial booking to the day of execution.  Working with our event managers will provide a seamless experience and bring your vision to life.  Impress your guests with Barrett’s On The Pike.

PD - The Wine Room.jpg


Seated Events: 20 Guests


Fully A/V Equipped

PD - The Cobalt Room.jpg


Seated Events: 40 Guests

Reception Events: 40 Guests

Fully A/V Equipped


We look forward to hearing from you!

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